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Worship Tutorials exists to empower and equip worship leaders and musicians.

We believe that every church, large or small, huge budget or no budget, can take their worship experiences to the next level. We want to help you make it happen.


Song Videos and Tutorials

Learn to play your favorite worship songs with our tutorials and song videos.

Chord Chart Kits

Our Chart Kits feature two types of charts (Nashville and Lyric charts) and multiple keys for any given song. Accurate and affordable.

Loops and Multitracks

A huge way to improve the worship experience is to use backing tracks and multitracks. Our loops and multitracks sound beautiful. You can even use them as a practice tool for playing with a click.

Guitar Lessons

Take your playing to the next level with our guitar lessons. We cover everything from the basics through advanced techniques.

Gear Reviews & Demos

Tired of pedal demos that are just endless blues licks? Our gear reviews and demos are relevant to you as a worship musician.

Worship Tutorials Studios

Our own arrangements of your favorite worship songs. These recordings are available on iTunes and other online stores, and also provide charts, tutorials, multitracks, etc.
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