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Our vision: 

Authentic and excellent worship in every church.

We believe that every church, large or small, huge budget or no budget, can take their worship experiences to the next level. We want to help you make it happen.

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Sunday Vlog 22: How to get better

In this week's vlog, Fuller and Brian talk about 3 steps that we feel are essential to getting better - at anything, really. Seek honest feedback.

Production and Authenticity

There is a common misconception that production and authenticity have an inverse relationship, meaning that if a church has a high level of production, it's fake.

Encouragement for Worship Leaders in small churches

Sometimes leading worship in a small church can be frustrating - often we want more budget, or more volunteers, etc. It's important to remember that engaging worship does not depend on those things - while they are extremely important - leading with excellence and authenticity can create engaging wo

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