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Bumper Music 2 Album Art

Bumper Music, Volume 2: Reflective Piano – coming soon!

Available Monday, March 13 We’re excited to announce that Bumper Music, Volume 2 will be releasing very soon. Here’s a full preview of the track: Bumper Music is audio tracks you can play underneath any element of your worship services. It’s perfect for times like announcements, offering, communion, prayer, etc. Available in a variety of styles […]


Sunday Vlog #13: Mountain Bikes for Millennials

This weekend Fuller tells a story. A story of hope and encouragement. A reflection on the state of our culture and society. A story that changed him, and will probably change you, too. The story of the first time he spent $1200 on a gift for a millennial.

Acoustic Guitar Effects

Acoustic Guitar Effects

I’m often asked what effects I like to use on acoustic guitar. In this video I talk about the specific effects and pedals I like on acoustic. Click through for more details.