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How to build worship teams

Brian and Bryce and talk through several key points that we feel are crucial when it comes to building a strong, healthy worship team in your church. We believe these points to be applicable to churches of any size and style.

excellence in worship

Excellence In Worship

Sing to Him a new song. Play skillfully and shout for joy. – Psalm 33:3. As worship leaders and musicians, we are instructed to do everything we do with excellence and skill. The question we should as ourselves at the end of a weekend service is this: did I do my absolute best? If not, then […]

typical order of service

A typical service order at my church

In this video I break down what our service order typically is like at Newhope Church where I lead worship. It’s not always like this (often we will move things like the welcome/announcements, offering, etc around), but this is an order that we will use quite often. I used an actual service where I led […]

5 Ways to Honor Your Worship Leader

Volunteers: 5 ways to honor your worship leader

Volunteers are really what make a church or ministry go. Seriously, churches would be completely ineffective without volunteers. Churches have a responsibility to develop great, top tier volunteers. Here are five things you can do as a volunteer in your worship/band/production team to take things to the next level.