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Sunday Vlog #13: Mountain Bikes for Millennials

This weekend Fuller tells a story. A story of hope and encouragement. A reflection on the state of our culture and society. A story that changed him, and will probably change you, too. The story of the first time he spent $1200 on a gift for a millennial.

Acoustic Guitar Effects

Acoustic Guitar Effects

I’m often asked what effects I like to use on acoustic guitar. In this video I talk about the specific effects and pedals I like on acoustic. Click through for more details.

Sunday Vlog 11: In Ear Monitors (cont)

Sunday Vlog #11: In Ear Monitors (continued)

This weekend we continue our talk about in-ear monitors. In the last Vlog, many of you expressed that you’d like to move to IEM’s in your church, but are encountering resistance. Either by church leadership or by your team. This is a tricky and delicate subject, and we address how to handle it in this […]