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5 Reasons You Should Transpose Your Songs

Transposing music may seem like a pretty complicated process. You have to know some music theory. You need to be familiar with what chords go in what keys, etc. It’s a lot easier just to play the songs in the keys they were recorded in, right? Well, not always. Many times, playing the songs in […]


How I Make My Tutorial Videos

I’ve had a few questions here and there about what gear I use to make videos. I actually use different gear depending on the type of video I’m making, so in this post I’ll cover the tutorial videos. When it comes to making a decent video, you want to consider 3 main things (among others): […]


5 Reasons You Should Memorize Your Songs

Memorizing a stack of worship songs may seem like a tedious task for sure, especially if your song-book is over 100 songs, but here are five reasons why you as a worship leader should memorize everything. 1. You will become a better musician This may seem obvious, and it is probably the most important reason […]


How to Talk and Play Guitar at the Same Time

view on YouTube Being able to talk and play guitar at the same time (and say something that’s actually coherent) is quite a useful skill to have as a worship leader. Having music in the background of spoken word adds a nice atmosphere. Actually pulling it off is a bit difficult – you’re stuck trying […]


Martin D-35 Video Review

Some quick spec’s Top: Solid Sitka Spruce Back/Sides: Solid East Indian Rosewood (3-piece back) Neck: Mahogany Fretboard/Bridge: Ebony Finish: Polished Gloss (though the consensus seems to be that it’s nitro lacquer) What I like: Sound/Tone It’s classic/iconic Martin all the way. Punchy and thick, yet balanced. This guitar really shines when you dig in with […]