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MJT Guitar Video 1

I ordered a new guitar – MJT VTL (Thinline Tele)

MJT Custom Aged Guitar Finishes I’ve wanted a relic Telecaster for quite a while now, but to get one that’s done well, you have to spend some big-time money. Fender Custom Shop, for example, puts out relic’d guitars, but they are close to $5000. I’ve had quite a few people tell me to check out […]

Pads to WT Director STILL

How to Play Pads in Worship Team Director

Worship Team Director is an iOS app that lets you trigger audio files. The cool feature about this app is the crossfade functionality. When you switch from one pad to another, you get a nice crossfade. With the Pads, this helps create a seamless transition. Don’t know about Pads? Pads are a music bed that […]

Pads to iOS STILL

How to Import Pads to an iOS Device

In order to use Pads with an iOS device, you’ll first need to transfer them. The process is pretty simple: Download the Pads to your computer (you can do this one of two ways – download the .zip archive link containing all 12 mp3 Pads files, or download each key file individually). You can find […]

Pads in ProPresenter Title

How to trigger Pads (or any audio file) in ProPresenter

In the above video, I walk through the process to set up ProPresenter to play any audio file (specifically Pads) during a song or any other service element. How to set it up The process if pretty simple and straightforward. Import the Pads (or other audio) into ProPresenter in the Audio section Click and drag […]

Pedalboard March 21 2013

Electric guitar rig for worship music

Most guitar players are crazy when it comes to gear, and I’m no different. I’m constantly buying/selling/trading/longing/hoping/etc. My acoustic setup has remained unchanged for a while now, and I’ve finally settled into an electric guitar rig that I like. I’m 100% a rhythm player, so I don’t have a lot of mod effects that would […]


Vox Night Train and Gretsch G5120 Review/Demo

I don’t always lead worship on electric guitar… But when I do… I play a Gretsch G5120 through a Vox Night Train Get the headstock decals you see on my Gretsch here from Paul Setzer (awesome guy and an awesome product). Just send Paul an email at the link on the page and let him know you […]