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Helix FAQs: How to set up an ambient swell sound

In all my patches, I like to map 4 effects to a single footswitch and call it ‘Swells’. From there, simply hit the button, use the volume pedal to create swells and listen to the beautiful ambience.

Here are the 4 effects I use:

  • Mod Echo Delay – Time: 800ms, Feedback: 62%, Low Cut: 170 Hz, High Cut: 900 Hz, Mix: 50%, Trails: on
  • Adriatic Delay – Time: 1.2 seconds (1200ms), Feedback: 74%, Noise: 3.7, BBD Size: 40%, Mix: 50%, Trails: on
  • Octo Reverb – Decay: 7.5, Intensity: 62%, Low Cut: 140 Hz, High Cut: 8.0 kHz, Mix: 35%, Trails: on
  • Particle Verb – Dwell: 45%, Condition: Stable, Mix: 57%, Trails: on
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