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Beginner Guitar Course

Learn how to play guitar with our beginner guitar lesson series. This free course will take you from having never played a guitar before to playing full songs. Sign up here.

Ambient Looping on Electric Guitar

Ambient Looping with Electric Guitar

In this lesson, Bradford shows us how to use any looper type of pedal (or a pedal with a looper built into it) to create an ambient loop that you can play other parts on top of. Gear used in this video: Guitar: Fender ’72 Thinline Telecaster Reissue Amp/effects: Line 6 POD HD500x

Simple Ambient Lead Lines - Stacked Delays

Ambient Lead Lines – Stacking Delays

Bradford Mitchell shows us how to use two different delays (stacked) and some very easy lead lines to create some nice ambient lead parts. This type of thing works very well in spiritual direction types of moments (during prayer or intimate speaking parts), or in transitional moments. How to play the lead parts There are […]


Rhythm and Strumming – Down Strums

Down strums can be extremely boring, or they can really add some nice flavor to your playing. You can be very rhythmic with down strums. In this lesson, Brian goes over some basic down strumming patterns as well as how to be dynamic with down strums. Basic Patterns Typically, you’ll want to down strum on […]

Open Tuning STILL

Alternate Tuning – DADGBD

In this lesson, Fuller shows you how to use an alternate tuning known as DADGBD, which is a variation of the popular DADGAD tuning. This is the tuning he uses to play the lead parts to Man of Sorrows Tuning Low E String: tune down to D A string: leave D string: leave G string: […]

Fingerpicking 3 STILL

Finger Picking Part 3: An Intermediate Pattern

In our first few finger picking lessons, we’ve gone over some of the basics, such as how to position your fingers and a few simple picking patterns. In this lesson, Fuller teaches you a more intermediate picking pattern to take things up a notch. Tuning To get the exact sound Fuller is getting in this […]