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Here you will find all our Line 6 Helix resources, including our patches and videos.

Our Patches

All our patches are 'pay what you want'. To download any of them for free, simply put $0 for the price. If you'd like to leave a tip, we appreciate it!

Each patch download contains a 'Read Me' file with information about the patch, including all the individual effects used, how it is set up and designed to be used, and where you can download IR cabs if the patch uses them.

Helix FAQs: Which IR cabs I use

In the Helix FAQ series I answer some commonly asked questions about the Line 6 Helix. I use IR Cabs in pretty much all my patches, and typically I'll run two IR cabs per patch (basically like taking one amp and running it to two cabs). I detail which cabs I use in this post.

Helix FAQs: How I run it live and dial in tones

I get asked often how I run the Helix live and in the studio, and how I like to hook it up when I create new patches. My setup is about as simple as it gets, but there are a few things to consider when setting up patches.

Helix FAQs: How to set up an ambient swell sound

In all my patches, I like to map 4 effects to a single footswitch and call it 'Swells'. From there, simply hit the button, use the volume pedal to create swells and listen to the beautiful ambience.

Line 6 Helix – First Impressions and Reivew

The Helix is Line 6's new flagship modeling product. It is completely different technology than the POD HD series, and is priced and developed to compete with higher end systems like Fractal's Axe FX and the Kemper Profiling amp. We think it sounds fantastic.

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