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Lesson 11: Chords in the key of A (A, D, E, and F#m)

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This lesson builds on the ones before it, so if you haven’t covered posture, string/finger names, and the previous chord lessons, make sure to master those lessons before this one.

Our chords for today are A, E, D, and F#m. We’ve already covered D and A in previous lessons, so the main focus of this lesson will be the E and F#m chords.

The A Major Chord


As we have covered previously, I like to place my first finger between my 2nd and 3rd fingers for form the A major chord.

The D Major Chord


The easiest way to play the C chord is to keep your fingers on the G chord and just move your one and two fingers.

The E Major chord


The root note of the E chord is the low E string, so let it ring out as you play the E chord.

The F#m chord


F#m can be a difficult chord for beginners because it is usually a barre chord. I prefer this voicing of the chord which is much easier to play. You’ll need to stretch your first finger a bit further than what may be comfortable, and one tip to help this is to make sure your thumb is behind your first finger and not your 3rd/4th fingers.

Full-Page Chord Downloads

A Chord D Chord E Chord F#m Chord

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