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Lesson 10: Chords in the key of D (D, G, A, and Bm)

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This lesson builds on the ones before it, so if you haven’t covered posture, string/finger names, and the D and G chord, make sure to master those lessons before this one.

Our chords for today are D, G, and A, and Bm. These chords will allow you to play a ton of songs in the key of D.

The D Major Chord


We have covered this chord in the two previous lessons, but here it is for reference.

The G Major Chord


We covered the G chord in the last lesson. When playing in the key of D, I prefer to use this variation of the G.

The A chord


When playing the A chord, you’ll need to scrunch your fingers right up against one another. I prefer to use my 2nd finger on the D string, my 1st finger on the G string, and my 3rd finger on the B string. You’ll need to place your first finger a bit behind the 2nd and 3rd fingers – refer to the video above to see how they sort of form a triangle.

The Bm Chord


The B Minor chord is typically the first barre chord most people learn, but it doesn’t have to be. I like to use this variation of the Bm chord when playing in the key of D. If you would like to learn the barre chord version, it looks like this:


Full-Page Chord Downloads

D Chord G Chord A Chord B Minor Chord

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