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Lesson 5: String names and finger names

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Learning the names of the strings (the notes) and the finger numbers is a simple but very important lesson. For the string names, memorize these as soon as possible. You’ll need to know them each time you tune.

String Names

Here is a diagram for the string names – the first E string is the low E string. Feel free to right-click this image and save it for future use.

String Names

Finger numbers

Finger numbers are simple:

  • Thumb: Thumb 🙂
  • Index finger: 1
  • Middle finger: 2
  • Ring finger: 3
  • Pinky: 4

These will come in handy when we see chord diagrams – like this one:


This diagram (we’ll talk more about these soon) is saying to put your 1st (index) finger on the G string, 2nd fret; your 3rd (ring) finger on the B string, 3rd fret, and your 2nd (middle) finger on the high E string, 2nd fret.

Confused? No problem, we’ll talk more about chord diagrams in a bit, but for now, just memorize the string names and finger numbers. See you in the next lesson!


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