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Introduction and Essential Info

Lesson 1: Introduction and What To Expect(Preview)

Length: 5 minutesAuthor: BrianComplexity: Easy

This guitar lesson course is designed to take you from having never played a guitar to playing full songs. If you know a few chords but struggle putting everything together, feel free to jump right in.

Lesson 3: The parts of the guitar(Preview)

Length: 9 minutesAuthor: BrianComplexity: Easy

Learning the parts of the guitar is very important as we will be referring to them throughout this lesson series. Acoustic guitars and electric guitars have basically the same parts, although there are some differences. In the video lesson, we walk through and highlight all the parts found on a typical guitar.

Lesson 4: Holding the guitar and posture(Preview)

Length: 7 minutesAuthor: BrianComplexity: Easy

How you hold the guitar makes an impact on your playing, both in terms of comfort and how your arms/hands are positioned on the guitar. In the video above, I demonstrate how to properly hold a guitar while playing in a sitting position.

Lesson 5: String names and finger names

Length: 6 minutesAuthor: BrianComplexity: Easy

Learning the names of the strings (the notes) and the finger numbers is a simple but very important lesson. For the string names, memorize these as soon as possible. You'll need to know them each time you tune.

Lesson 6: How to tune the guitar(Preview)

Length: 15 minutesAuthor: BrianComplexity: Easy

Tuning your guitar is something you should do every time you play before strumming the first chord. In the video above, I walk through how to tune a guitar with two different types of tuners, as well as how to tune it without a tuner at all.

Lesson 7: How to change strings

Length: 25 minutesAuthor: BrianComplexity: Standard

In the lesson we demonstrate how to change strings on an acoustic guitar. There are several ways to go about changing strings. This lesson will result in stable string tuning and will help with string breakage.

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