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Pads 1-5 Bundle

Massive Pads Bundle (Pads 1 through 5)


This bundle will only be available until Sept 15, 2016, and includes all five major keys Pads sets – Pads 1, Pads 2 (Atmospheric), Pads 3 (Cinematic), Pads 4 (Evolving), and Pads 5 (Simple).

Purchased separately, these five Pads sets would cost $74.99, so bundle them and save.


Pads 2 - Atmospheric Pads

Pads 3 - Cinematic Pads

Pads 4 - Evolving Pads

Pads 5 - Simple Pads

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Product Description

Te celebrate the release of Pads 5 (Simple Pads), we’re offering a discounted bundle that includes every set of Pads (major keys) at a considerable discount.

Individual Pads sets can be purchased here.


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