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NEW! MainStage Pads Player Patches

The BEST way to implement Worship Tutorials Pads in your church. We’ve taken the same Pads that you know and love and packaged them into MainStage, giving you complete control over how you use Pads in your services.

Pads and Bumper Music

Pads and Bumper Music are our flagship award-winning products that enable you to easily create instant atmosphere and ambience and awesome transitions in your worship services and .

We love using them in our own services, and we know you will too.

Helix Patches

Our Line 6 Helix patches are meticulously crafted to sound perfect for modern praise and worship music. We make both general purpose and song-specific patches.

Song and Tutorial Videos

Our song resources will equip you to lead with confidence. Each song page includes a play through video, tutorial video, and other resources to help you learn the songs.

All our song videos and tutorials are 100% free.

Leadership Resources

Worship leading insight, inspiration, and encouragement.

Sunday Vlog

Go behind the scenes with us and see what it’s really like at our church

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