Pedalboard March 21 2013

Electric guitar rig for worship music

Pedalboard - March 21, 2013

Most guitar players are crazy when it comes to gear, and I’m no different. I’m constantly buying/selling/trading/longing/hoping/etc. My acoustic setup has remained unchanged for a while now, and I’ve finally settled into an electric guitar rig that I like.

I’m 100% a rhythm player, so I don’t have a lot of mod effects that would give me really weird sounds. When I play, I focus much, much more on singing and leading than fiddling with pedals. I usually just have two or maybe three basic tones that I stick with for a whole set, and I really don’t like to stomp on anything during a song. Anything that takes my focus away from leading is bad, in my opinion. I do a lot of drive control with the volume knob on my guitar as well. Here we go.