Atlantis Overdrive by Throne Room Pedals Demo


The Atlantis Overdrive by Throne Room Pedals is a transparent low to medium gain overdrive. We think it sounds phenomenal and stacks particularly well with other overdrive pedals.

The Atlantis features the following controls: Gain, Volume, Tone, and has on/off switches for high cut and fat boost. Both the gain and tone knob are very useable throughout the entire sweep. The fat boost does just that – adds a lot of beef and bottom end to your tone. If your amp and guitar combo lack thickness, this will do the trick, but in our use we preferred it off.

Overall we love the Atlantis. It is extremely versatile and very responsive. It cleans up well with soft picking and drives when you dig in at almost all settings. Great for a mild to chunky overdriven rhythm tone, and also works well for lead tone.

Equipment Used

  • Guitar: Fender Telecaster (humbucker in neck, single-coil in bridge) – MIM, stock
  • Amp: Vox AC15c1 (top boost channel) – stock
  • Microphone: Shure SM57
  • Pedals: Just the Atlantis

Bit of reverb added in post


Get it straight from Throne Room Pedals for $159. We got it used for around $120-130.

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