Alternate Chord Voicings – Key of A

In this lesson, Bradford walks through several alternate voicings of common chords in the key of A. These voicings will allow you to move more quickly between chords, and they sound a little more open and natural, especially on acoustic.

Standard chords in A

Typically, you would play chords in A using these voicings:


While these chords will sound fine, here are some alternatives you can use that will add a bit of flavor to your playing. When playing in A, you can use these voicings interchangeably with the standard voicings – they will pretty much always sound accurate.

Alternate A Voicing


Alternate F#m voicing


This one is very similar to the alternate A shape – just wrap your thumb around and fret the low E string on the 2nd fret (which is an F#m).

Alternate Bm voicing


This voicing is similar to a D shape.

Alternate G#m voicing


This one is very similar to the F#m alternate voicing – just slide it up 2 frets. It doesn’t show up a lot in the key of A, but if it does, you can play it like this.