How to trigger Pads (or any audio file) in ProPresenter

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In the above video, I walk through the process to set up ProPresenter to play any audio file (specifically Pads) during a song or any other service element.

How to set it up

The process if pretty simple and straightforward.

  1. Import the Pads (or other audio) into ProPresenter in the Audio section
  2. Click and drag the desired audio file into any slide in a playlist. For running Pads, it works well to set the audio file to start playing on the first slide of a song – typically the background slide.
  3. Now, when you play the song, the audio file will play automatically and it will keep playing as you advance slides. The audio file will continue to play until you set a ‘Clear audio’ action cue in a slide, or you trigger another audio file.
  4. In order to stop the audio, you can just pause or clear it in the audio section, you can set another slide to trigger a different audio file, or you can set a slide to clear all audio.


This process assumes that your computer running ProPresenter is sending audio out to your sound board or whatever you’re using to control Front of House (FOH).

Another note to pay attention to is the crossfade time. Under the audio section, there is a slider with timing for the crossfade. This sets the fade time that ProPresenter uses when an audio file transitions from one file to another, or when you clear the audio (it fades out). I like to set it at around 1.5 to 2 seconds.

We use this method all the time in our worship services, and it works beautifully. It’s probably the easiest way to incorporate Pads into your worship sets if you are using ProPresenter. Any other worship presentation software that allows you to run an audio file in a slide will let you accomplish pretty much the same thing.