How to Import Pads to an iOS Device

In order to use Pads with an iOS device, you’ll first need to transfer them. The process is pretty simple:

  1. Download the Pads to your computer (you can do this one of two ways – download the .zip archive link containing all 12 mp3 Pads files, or download each key file individually). You can find download links in the email you received after purchasing, or if you chose to create an account here at Worship Tutorials, you can find all the files you have purchased in the ‘my account‘ section.
  2. Add the Pads to a playlist in iTunes
  3. Sync the playlist to your iOS device

Once the transfer is complete, you’ll find the Pads in your Music app. From here, you can simply play the pads from the Music app, or use various other apps to play the Pads.


As iOS, iTunes, and Mac OS advance, Apple is constantly changing how you interact with the software. They’ve made it increasingly difficult to simply add mp3’s to a device, especially when using iCloud. Here is an updated video on how to add mp3’s: