Alternate Tuning – DADGBD

In this lesson, Fuller shows you how to use an alternate tuning known as DADGBD, which is a variation of the popular DADGAD tuning. This is the tuning he uses to play the lead parts to Man of Sorrows


  • Low E String: tune down to D
  • A string: leave
  • D string: leave
  • G string: leave
  • B string: leave
  • High E string: tune down to D


Because your guitar is tuned differently, you’ll need to use different fingerings for common chords. Because this is an open D tuning, you’ll use it for key of D songs. Any of the following fingerings will work to create the corresponding chords:

D (dadgbd)D2 (dadgbd)A (dadgbd) ALT 2A (dadgbd)G (dadgbd)G (dadgbd) ALT

Bm (dadgbd)Bm (dadgbd) ALTEm (dadgbd)