Ambient Lead Lines – Stacking Delays

Bradford Mitchell shows us how to use two different delays (stacked) and some very easy lead lines to create some nice ambient lead parts. This type of thing works very well in spiritual direction types of moments (during prayer or intimate speaking parts), or in transitional moments.

How to play the lead parts

There are two basic shapes to use when playing these parts, a major and a minor shape. The root chord that you will play depends on what string you’re on one the low E or A strings. You’ll really only want to play the low E and G strings. Here are the finger positions:



For the major shape, you can hammer on one fret above your 2nd finger (on the G string). This hammer on will work for all the chords but the 4 chord. To know which chord you’re playing, just look at the note of the E string. For example, when your first finger is on the 3rd fret, you’re playing a G. On the 5th fret – you’re playing an A, and so on.

Using Delay to create an ambient texture

To create the delay sounds Bradford used in the video, you’ll need two delay pedals, or one pedal that will do two separate delays at the same time. Set one to dotted 8th delay and the other to quarter note. Set your level and feedback controls to your liking, and then listen to the magic happen. Add reverb for more ambience.