Testimonials: How Cory Ermold and Parker Ford Church are using Pads and Worship Tutorials


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Corey Ermold is the worship leader at Parker Ford Church in Pottstown, PA. Corey has been implementing Pads into their worship services for a while, and I love how the resources here at Worship Tutorials is helping him lead at a higher level.

I love this quote from Corey about the Pads…

I loved being able to play over the top of them.

Corey was explaining how often their services are acoustic guitar based and the Pads really help fill out the sound. If you’d like to learn how to trigger Pads from Ableton Live like Corey explained in the video, click here.

Thank you so much for sharing, Corey! We are so glad that Pads are helping you create a more excellent worship environment in your church.

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