Man of Sorrows (Worship Tutorials Studios) – Tutorial

In this tutorial, Fuller walks through how to play the Worship Tutorials version of Man of Sorrows.

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This tutorial follows our arrangement, which you can preview and purchase below.

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We are in DADGBD tuning for this song. For more info on this, see our Alternate Tuning (DADGBD) lesson (coming soon). This tuning requires different fingerings to play the same chords. Here are the chords we’re using in this song:

D (dadgbd)D2 (dadgbd)A (dadgbd) ALT 2A (dadgbd)G (dadgbd)Bm (dadgbd)

Picking Pattern

For the bulk of the rhythmic section, this lesson focusses on the picking pattern. Here is the pattern:

T – 1 – T  – 2        1 – T – 1

For more info on this, see our Fingerpicking Part 3 lesson (coming soon).

Performance Video

Watch Fuller perform this song:

More Resources

Fuller’s arrangement is very similar to the Hillsong arrangement (we highlighted the differences in the video), so if you want to play this in standard tuning or have other questions about this song, check out the Hillsong version tutorial

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