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New Years Resolutions: Think Small – Worship Leader Wednesday

Worship Leader Wednesday is a series where we give you quick tips that you can put into practice today to become a better worship leader

In order to accomplish big goals, sometimes it’s better to think small. In this video, we give you three tips on achieving your New Years Resolutions.

1. Be realistic

You may aspire to get in shape, learn a new instrument (or two), read through the Bible, and completely change your bedtime/wake-up habits (these would be things I’d love to do, personally). Those are all great goals, and all achievable, but doing them all at once is simply not realistic.

2. Pick one thing

Say you’ve got those goals listed in point #1. Just pick one of them – take the most important one to you right now and focus on it.

3. Break it down

Once you’ve chosen one thing to work on, break it down into smaller, measurable goals.

4. Write it down

It’s been proven over and over again that you’ll have a higher success rate of achieving your goals if you write them down and reflect on them often.

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