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Sunday Starts Saturday – Worship Leader Wednesday

Worship Leader Wednesday is a series where we give you quick tips that you can put into practice today to become a better worship leader

Sunday Starts Saturday

This week’s Worship Leader Wednesday is very simple and practical, yet extremely important, and will affect all areas of your leadership on Sunday morning. Here are three tips you can put into practice on Saturday to help you lead well on Sunday.

1. Go to bed early

Sleep is important. Help set yourself up for success by being well rested on Sunday. Find a routine that allows you to get a good night’s sleep on Saturday night.

2. Set everything out

How many times have you shown up Sunday without something critical, like your in-ear monitors (or your instrument). It’s happened to all of us, but the easiest way to stop it (and relieve early Sunday morning stress) is to set everything out by the door the night before. We even like to set our clothes out. Brian and I both set our alarm clocks around 4am, which is not a time we like to be making critical decisions 🙂

3. Show up early

Being on time is what you’d like your volunteers to do. Being early – an hour early is what we shoot for – is what you as the leader should do. This gives you time to slow down. Pray for your team. Pray for your congregation and your pastor. Get a cup of coffee. Troubleshoot the computer the won’t boot up correctly. Then when your team begins to show up, you’ll be ready to receive and lead them.

Final thoughts

When you are exhausted, people notice. You won’t lead well, and it will drain the life from your volunteers. In order to lead with excellence, we should take these simple steps to set ourselves up for success.

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