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Acoustic Guitar Effects

Acoustic Guitar Effects

I’m often asked what effects I like to use on acoustic guitar. In this video I talk about the specific effects and pedals I like on acoustic. Click through for more details.

Helix FAQs - Which IR Cabs I Use

Helix FAQs: Which IR cabs I use

In the Helix FAQ series I answer some commonly asked questions about the Line 6 Helix. I use IR Cabs in pretty much all my patches, and typically I’ll run two IR cabs per patch (basically like taking one amp and running it to two cabs). I detail which cabs I use in this post.


Helix FAQs: How I run it live and dial in tones

I get asked often how I run the Helix live and in the studio, and how I like to hook it up when I create new patches. My setup is about as simple as it gets, but there are a few things to consider when setting up patches.

Eastman T386 and Gibson ES-335 Demo Review

335 Shootout: Eastman T386 vs Gibson ES-335 – review and demo

In this shootout, we put an Eastman T386 to the test against a Gibson ES-335. The Eastman was upgraded with Porter Smooth/Classic Humbucker pickups, otherwise it’s stock. Here are some links for more information on each guitar and the Porter Pickups: Gibson ES-335 Gibson Website (specs) Bradford’s guitar is the classic ES-335 by Gibson. It’s […]

GTX Review

Shelton Electric Instruments TimeFlite GTX Review

Another amazing guitar from Shelton – this one puts a very modern twist on a traditional platform. This guitar is loaded with Porter pickups – a Wide Range Humbucker in the bridge and Vintage Jazzmaster neck pickup.

Porter pickups demo

Porter Pickups Showcase

In this video, Bradford shows off 5 different sets of Porter Pickups: In order of appearance, they are: Shelton Electric Instruments TimeFlite GTX –¬†Porter Domino (Wide Range HB) bridge and Vintage Jazzmaster neck Reverend Charger 290 LE – Porter Classic P90 bridge and Smooth P90 neck MJT VTL (Thinline Tele) – Porter Vintage Tele set […]