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This guitar lesson course is designed to take you from having never played a guitar to playing full songs. If you know a few chords but struggle putting everything together, feel free to jump right in.

The lessons are laid out in a logical sequential order, but you don’t have to do them in order if you don’t want to. If you are a beginner, my advice it to go in sequence. Take the time to learn and master the content in one lesson before moving on to the next.

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  1. I look forward to going through the modules, I have had an interest in playing the guitar since I was in mid school. I get so far and see that I am not progressing and I lose interest. I am now 50 and I really want to learn to play with worship songs, it would be a great way to spend times together with my children and grandchildren!

  2. Amazing way to impact lives with your God-given talent. Thanks very much, you and the Living Hope Church are a blessing. I’m being most interested in my guitar learning.

  3. Hey Bryan… I registered for this course but I have been playing for about as long as you. I helped my adult daughter purchase her first guitar today, a Breedlove Discovery series and I wanted to introduce her to a good foundational course. I guess I was a little skeptical that it was entirely free so in order to see the rest of the lessons I decided to register. I have a feeling she is going to be excited when she sees all of your courses are free and doesn’t have to pay for the Fender guitar course she was looking at. I have been learning worship songs because of your YouTube channel and your ministry is truly a blessing! God Bless you guys for doing this… I have done a few videos on my YouTube channel by myself but realized it really is an investment in time… so I don’t know how you are a worship leader and have the time to do all these high quality videos bro!

    I hope my daughter takes advantage of your course… please pray for her.

  4. Hi Brian,

    This is my 1st time to go to your page and I’m so excited to learn to play a guitar. By the way I’m Alex from the Philippines, I’m actually searching a guitar tutorial plan in YouTube and so amazed that I found your Worship Tutorials channel cause I really wanted to play praise and worship songs during our (my wife and I) quite time and even during Bible Study in our growth (cell) group. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you as well because I found your channel that focus not only playing guitar but about praise and worship songs which I really loved. I’m looking forward to learn lots of things from you. Thank you as well for sharing your spiritual gifts to people who wanted to play a guitar. More success to you and your team.

    -Alexander V. Manipon
    Pasig City, Philippines

  5. Ok I think I might be passed the beginner ,but I can use the finger dexterity work.And always so much to learn in any kind of reviews. So I’m going to sign up and see how we do. My BIO is that I am 71 years old.Retired .Gardener and beekeeper now .I think honey bees are one of God’s little miracles .I been raising them for 14 years now and I am still awed by them.I had a guitar around somewhere most of my life,Now im retired got lots of time on my hands ,I started playing again.Lot of it came back easy.Some things you just never forget .But rusty just doesn’t even describe it.I love the old gospel songs ,The words have taken on new meaning since I have gotten older.And I liked the Sons of the Pioneers ,,Old western stuff.Must have some cowboy in me somewhere. I am really fascinated with Ry Cooder picking since he came off the road circut and he is serving God now.I think you are in N.C. right? Retired trucker ,I have been all thru there many many times.Always seemed like a nice place I would like to live someday.The wife and I if we ever moved anywhere we both think a good church would be the deciding factor as to where we would move.But that is just something we are contemplating .All my old friends I used to play with are all dead now,I don’t know why the good lords is still keeping me My gear is a LesPaul,and a Line 6 amp,It has the capability to play back thru my computer then to thru the amp with head phones so I can practice with any downloaded back tracks etc. and not run the wife crazy. Your Bro.In Christ.Bob Fortner 2192 Dowling Hwy Hudson michigan 49247

  6. I have a guitar with only four strings but the one in your tutorials have six strings so it makes knowing the chords hard for me. Can you please help to name them?

  7. I’m new im beginner
    I’m felt good calling me into worshiping music playing accoustic guitar
    I want get better at it play songs
    Started practing 2 hours today

  8. Brian, I sent a message on the contact link but thought I would also send one here. First I use our youtube videos to learn new songs and they are very helpful. Recently I became a volunteer in the county jail and played music on a weekends retreat. I have been asked to teach prisoners guitar, we have 5 guitars donated to the jail. I have access to a TV and computer but there is no internet service. I would love to share your teaching videos but I would need them on a thumb drive in order to get it into the facility. is there anyway you can help with this.

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