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Beginner Guitar Lesson Course – Learn how to play guitar


In this lesson series, you will learn to play the guitar. Whether you have never picked up a guitar or you know a few chords and songs, this course will take you from having never held a guitar to play full songs.

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Setup Guide for Electric Guitar (Online Course)


A great setup will allow your guitar to play at it optimum level. Learn how to perform a setup on any electric guitar with our step-by-step easy to follow guide.


The Worship Manual, Volume 1

$119.99 $87.99

Maximize Your Potential As a Worship Leader.

Perfect for worship leaders at any level and any kind of church – large or small – traditional or modern.

  • 5 Comprehensive Modules of Training Prepare You
  • Over 50 Video Lessons and Content For Every Level
  • Boost Your Skills and Confidence in Leading Worship
  • Access to Our Private Facebook Community

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