Archigator Helix Patch Pack // 3 patches in one pack

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A 3-patch pack for the Line 6 Helix. Includes patches based on the PRS Archon and Line 6 Litigator (Dumble style) amps, and a dual-amp patch with both. Premium Tone Junkie IR included!

Specifically dialed in for worship music, and designed to be used in either stomp or snapshot mode. We’ve included both stock and IR patches.

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1. UPDATE YOUR FIRMWARE: Please upgrade the firmware on your Helix and the HX Edit software from Line 6 to the latest before installing this patch. Even if your Helix is up to date, the ‘HX Edit’ app needs to be updated as well. If you get an error importing a patch, the problem is most likely outdated firmware on your Helix/HX Edit.

2. REVERBS: The 2.6 Firmware update changed the mix levels of the new (HX) reverbs. This patch accounts for those changes, so if you are not updated to 2.6 or later on your Helix, the reverbs will not sound right.

3. IR CAB INCLUDED: This download includes a premium IR from Tone Junkie. We matched this specific IR to this amp, but feel free to experiment with other IR’s for different tonal options. We’ve also included a stock cab version of the patch, but we urge to try the IR – it really does sound better – and it’s included for free :).

Here is the specific IR included, and its location in our Helix:

  • TJ 21 MATCH25 R121+57 . In our Helix, it’s in IR slot 21 (this will always correspond with the number after ‘TJ’ in the file name).

To purchase more IR packs, visit the Tone Junkie store here.


  1. Connect your Helix to your computer using a USB Cable
  2. Download and instal the ‘HX Edit’ app from Line 6
  3. In the ‘HX Edit’ app, drag and drop the patch into a slot in the ‘PRESETS’ column
  4. To import an IR, switch to the ‘IMPULSES’ column (next to the PRESETS column), and drag & drop the IR into the appropriate slot (see note above). The image below shows the specific IR location for this patch.
  5. PLEASE NOTE: If you do not have the IR loaded into the ‘IMPULSES’ column, the patch will not sound correct, even if you have the IR block on – you must drag and drop the IR into the IMPULSES column.


Archigator (stock and IR versions): These patches include both the Archetype (PRS Archon) and Litigator amp models in a dual amp setup. It will break up on it’s cleanest setting, and when you hit it with drive pedals it delivers the goods. Our personal favorite of this pack.

Archetype (stock and IR versions): These patches include just the PRS Archon (clean channel). This amp is very clean but takes pedals well. If you want pristine cleans but all the options for drive, delay, verb, etc – this is your go-to.

Litigator (stock and IR versions): These patches include just the PRS Litigator amp model. This one is set to break up a bit on the cleanest setting. It’s Line 6’s take on the Dumble Super OD amp – a favorite of many famous players including Carlos Santana and John Mayer. Play some Mayer licks on a Strat and see what we’re talking about.

The effects layout and snapshots are similar between all the patches, although settings have been tweaked to sound best with each setup. Feel free to experiment. We don’t think one sounds necessarily better than the other – just different.


Here is the signal flow and effects (same for all patches unless otherwise noted):

  1. Input
  2. Volume (log curve) – mapped to EXP 2
  3. Deluxe Comp – not mapped to a switch, always on
  4. Mod:
    1. Litigator and Archegator: Tremolo
    2. Archetype: Chorus
  5. Drive 1:
    1. Archigator Patch: Teemah – mapped to switch labeled ‘Timmy’
    2. Archetype and Litigator Patch: Minotaur – mapped to switch labeled ‘Klon’
  6. Drive 2: 808 in all patches – mapped to switch labeled ‘808’
  7. Drive 3:
    1. Archigator: Minotaur – mapped to switch labeled ‘Klon’
    2. Litigator: Stupor OD – not mapped to a switch
    3. Archetype: Stupor OD – mapped to switch labeled ‘SD-1’
  8. Amp(s)
  9. Cab/IR – 4×12 Cali V30 (in the stock cab versions) – see above for IR info
  10. Vintage Digital – Dotted 8th note delay – mapped to switch labeled ‘1/8d DLY’
  11. Transistor Tape Delay – Quarter note delay – mapped to switch labeled ‘1/4 DLY’
  12. Adriatic Delay – 8th note delay – mapped to switch labeled ‘1/8 DLY’
  13. Hall Verb – mapped to switch labeled ‘Short Verb’
  14. Glitz Verb – mapped to switch labeled ‘Big Verb’
  15. Multitap 4 Delay – big ambient delay mapped to button labeled “SWELLS’
  16. Glitz Verb – big ambient verb – mapped to button labeled ‘SWELLS’
  17. Plateaux Verb – Shimmer Verb – mapped to button labeled ‘SWELLS’
  18. Looper


This patch is meant to be used in either stompbox or snapshot mode. We recommend setting up your Helix to use all ten stomps (stompbox mode) or all eight snapshots (snapshot mode).


Feel free to stack drive pedals for bigger sounds. We like turning on all the gain for solo tones.


The dotted 8th is running in parallel with the quarter and 8th note delays, which creates a patterned type of delay.


Hit the ‘Swells’ button to turn on the Cosmos echo with big ambient reverb.


All patches contain snapshots, and they’re a bit different between patches. They are:

  • Snapshot 1: Clean (all patches). This is the base clean tone with delay.
  • Snapshot 2: Drive (all patches) – Stage 1 OD
  • Snapshot 3: Drive + (all patches) – Stage 2 OD
  • Snapshot 4: Lead (all patches) – Biggest drive setting with delay and verb
  • Snapshot 5: Clean Ambi (all patches) – clean tone with lots of verb
  • Snapshot 6:Mod sounds
    • Archigator and Litigator: Clean Trem
    • Archetype: Clean Chorus
  • Snapshot 7:
    • Archigator and Litigator: The Edge (U2 type sound w/ Dotted 8th delay)
    • Archetype: Pop Lead – alt lead tone
  • Snapshot 8: Big Swells (all patches) – this uses the ‘Swells’ stomp button plus more verb and delay.

GUITARS (and making changes for YOUR guitar):

All guitars are different, so you may want to make changes to suite your playing style and guitar. We set this up with a variety of guitars, including both single coils and humbuckers. If you have higher output humbuckers, you might want to turn down the gain on the amp(s), or, alternatively, turn down the output on the first compressor – this will hit the amp(s) with less signal.

If you’d like to change the volume of the patch, use the ‘Channel Volume’ parameters in the amps.

We recommend making a copy of the patch and changing the copy just in case you want to revert back to the original.


Version 2.0: 2019-05-08

  • Added: Tone Junkie premium IR

Initial Release (1.0): 2018-10-08


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