Archigator – Line 6 HX Stomp Dual Amp Patch Bundle

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A three-in-one patch pack for the HX Stomp – includes patches based on the PRS Archon and the Line 6 Litigator amp models, as well as a dual amp patch. You get an IR-ready (IR not included) patch, and a stock patch.

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This patch is a port of our ‘Archigator‘ patch bundle for the Helix. It contains the core amp tone blocks, as well as reverb and delay.


1. UPDATE YOUR FIRMWARE: Please upgrade the firmware on your HX Stomp and the HX Edit software from Line 6 to the latest before installing this patch. Even if your HX Stomp is up to date, the ‘HX Edit’ app needs to be updated as well.

3. IR CABS: This download contains both stock and IR cab versions. We think they both sound great, but if you’d like to use the specific IR we used, it’s from the ATyp 2×12 IR Set from Live Ready Sound (link below). Here is the specific IR:

  • LRS M2 ATyp SM7b Comp 01. In our Helix, it’s in IR slot 43.


  1. Input (Main L/R)
  2. Deluxe Comp – not mapped to a switch, always on
  3. Amp(s) –  Archon and Litigator amps (both in a dual amp configuration and individual amp configurations)
  4. Cab/IR – 4×12 Cali V30 (in the stock cab versions) – see above for IR info
  5. Vintage Digital – Dotted 8th note delay – mapped to button 1 (see below more more info)
  6. Glitz Verb  – controlled by button 2 (see more info below)
  7. Output (Main L/R)


We built this patch assuming you will be integrating HX Stomp into an existing effects rig, using it to replace an amp. It includes the base tone components from the full Helix version of this patch, plus delay and reverb options.

We did not include any drive or modulation effects, although you could certainly add them in if desired.


We included the compressor because it is important in the way it pushes the amp(s) and it integral to the core amp tone. You may, however, want to disable the compressor and/or replace it with a different effect, especially if you already have a comp in your rig that you are integrating HX Stomp into. If you’re running drives into the HX Stomp, the compressor may give you less dynamics that you would like. In this case, you can either turn down the level of compression, or just remove it.


There is only one delay in this patch, but it is set up to give you two different sounds via Button 1. In the off state, it is a subtle dotted 8th note delay. In the on state, the mix and feedback are increased for a more prominent delay sound.


There is only one reverb in this patch, but it’s set up to give you two different sounds via Button 2. In the off state, the mix and decay are set to a ‘normal’ level of verb. In the on state, decay and mix increase and you get an ambient verb setting. The ‘On’ state is the same settings from our Helix version of this patch.


GUITARS (and making changes for YOUR guitar):

All guitars are different, so you may want to make changes to suite your playing style and guitar. We set this up with a variety of guitars, including both single coils and humbuckers. If you have higher output humbuckers, you might want to turn down the gain on the amp(s), or, alternatively, turn down the output on the compressor – this will hit the amp(s) with less signal. If the amp tone is too dark or bright, simply increase/decrease the level of treble and/or presence on the amp to taste.


If you would like to make this patch louder or quieter without affecting tone, the following adjustments can be made:

“Ch Vol” control on the amp module. This will increase or decrease volume without affecting the tone of the amp. This is the primary level adjustment tool I use for changing patch volumes.

Output block level. Changing the level control on the output block (the very last thing in the signal chain) will increase or decrease overall volume. We typically have this set at zero, but feel free to adjust this as you see fit.


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