Fried-Z – Line 6 Helix Pack (3-in-one patch pack)

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Get classic British and American tones with this 3-patch pack for the Line 6 Helix. Includes patches based on the Friedman BE-100, the Dr. Z Route 66, and a dual-amp patch. We’ve included both stock and IR-ready patches.

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Guitars used in this demo:

  • Suhr Classic Pro (strat style)
  • Suhr Classic T (tele style)
  • Suhr Alt T (dual HB)

Important notes

Firmware 2.6 Reverbs: The 2.6 Firmware update changed the mix levels of the new (HX) reverbs. This patch accounts for those changes, so if you are not updated to 2.6 or later on your Helix, the reverbs will not sound right.

IR vs Stock version:This download contains both stock and IR cab versions. We think they both sound great, but if you’d like to use the specific IR we used, it’s from the ATyp 2×12 IR Set from Live Ready Sound (link below). Here is the specific IR:

LRS M2 SM7b PR30 ATyp Mix (from the A Type 2×12 pack found here). In our Helix, it’s in IR slot 48.

Included patches:

  • Fried-Z Dual (stock and IR versions): These patches include both the Friedman and Dr. Z amp models in a dual amp setup.
  • Fried (stock and IR versions): These patches include just the Friedman amp.
  • DocZ (stock and IR versions): These patches include just the Dr. Z.

The effects layout and snapshots are similar between all the patches – although settings have been tweaked to sound best with each setup. Feel free to experiment. We don’t think one sounds necessarily better than the other – just different. The Friedman has more of an American sound while the DocZ has more of a British sound.

Signal flow and Amps/Effects

Here is the signal flow and effects:

  1. Input
  2. Volume (log curve) – mapped to EXP 2
  3. Deluxe Comp – not mapped to a switch, always on
  4. 70’s Chorus – mapped to a switch labeled “Chorus”
  5. Kinky Boost – EP Booster – mapped to switch labeled ‘EP Booster’
  6. Scream 808/Teemah! – Tube Screamer/Timmy – mapped to switch labeled “808/Timmy” (this is an 808 in all the patches except for the DocZ – in that one we used the Timmy)
  7. Stupor OD – Boss SD-1 – mapped to switch labeled “SD-1”
  8. Amp(s)
  9. Cab/IR – 4×12 Cali V30 (in the stock cab versions) – see above for IR info
  10. Elephant Man – DMM Delay, 8thnote delay – mapped to switch labeled ‘Short DLY’
  11. Transistor Tape Delay – Quarter note delay – mapped to switch labeled ‘Quarter DLY’
  12. Adriatic Delay – Dotted 8th note delay – mapped to switch labeled ‘Dotted 8th DLY’
  13. Cosmos Echo – big ambient delay mapped to button labeled “SWELLS’
  14. Plateaux Verb – Shimmer Verb – mapped to button labeled ‘SWELLS’
  15. Hall Verb – acts as an always on verb – not mapped to a switch
  16. Glitz Verb – big modulated verb – mapped to switch labeled “Mod Verb”
  17. LA Studio Comp – Always on compressor – acts like studio compression
  18. Looper


This patch is meant to be used in either stompbox or snapshot mode. We recommend setting up your Helix to use all ten stomps (stompbox mode) or all eight snapshots (snapshot mode).


We’ve included three overdrive pedals: the EP Booster, 808/Timmy, and Boss SD-1. Ycan stack them for bigger sounds.


The quarter and dotted 8thdelays are set up in parallel, so they will not interact with each other. This creates more of a rhythmic delay rather than a wash.


If you want to go really ambient with swells, the ‘Swells’ switch turns on the Cosmos echo and the shimmer verb. It will sound huge and create big pad type sounds, especially when used in combination with the other big reverb.


We decided to try something new with this patch and put a 2ndcompressor (LA Studio Comp) at the end of the chain. This replicates what many recording engineers will do by adding a light level of compression to the final guitar signal. It will even out your tone when switching to higher gain sounds, and just fattens everything up.


There are eight snapshots included in this patch to get different sounds (all patches feature the same snapshots).

They are:

  • Snapshot 1: Clean. This is the base clean tone with quarter note delay.
  • Snapshot 2: Clean Verb – more reverb.
  • Snapshot 3: Lt Drive – uses the EP Booster
  • Snapshot 4: Med Drive – uses the Stupor OD
  • Snapshot 5: Ambi Chorus – Delay, Verb, and Chorus
  • Snapshot 6: The Edge – dotted 8thand quarter delay together with a bit of drive.
  • Snapshot 7: P&W Lead – big drive, delay, and verb.
  • Snapshot 8: Big Swells – this uses the ‘Swells’ stomp button plus more verb and delay.

GUITARS (and making changes for YOUR guitar):

All guitars are different, so you may want to make changes to suite your playing style and guitar. We set this up with a variety of guitars, including both single coils and humbuckers. If you have higher output humbuckers, you might want to turn down the gain on the amp(s), or, alternatively, turn down the output on the first compressor – this will hit the amp(s) with less signal.

We recommend making a copy of the patch and changing the copy just in case you want to revert back to the original.


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