You Won’t Relent (Jesus Culture) – Line 6 Helix Patch

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This Helix Patch mimics the guitar tones from the song You Won’t Relent by Jesus Culture, utilizing snapshots for different song sections. See the video below for a play through demonstration.

You get two different patches – one using IR Cabs by OwnHammer (IR’s not included), and the other using stock cabs.


Worship Tutorials – You Won’t Relent Helix Patch Read Me

IMPORTANT: Because this patch uses effects models that were not included with the initial release of the Helix, it is very important that you upgrade the firmware on your Helix and the Helix software from Line 6 to the latest version before installing this patch. Otherwise you will have missing effects (and no amp).

NOTE: This download includes two different patches – one with Impuse Responses and one with stock cabs. The patch with the impulse responses is labeled ‘IR’ in the title (although when you pull it into your Helix, it won’t have that label. The Impulse Responses are cabinet models from OwnHammer. You can purchase them or use your own IRs. The specific IRs in this patch are from the Core Tone Bundle Collection by OwnHammer (Core Tone Bundle), and are the files labeled:

OH 212 VC30 BLU-93 421-07.wav (Vox 4×12) – this is the IR cab on the top row

OH 212 VC30 BLU-93 BOLD-00 (Vox 2×12) – this is the IR cab on the bottom row

Feel free to experiment with different IR’s – or feel free to purchase or download other cab IR’s and experiment with those.

PLEASE NOTE: This patch does not include the IR Cab – you’ll need to download it separately and transfer it to your Helix. It’s a pretty simple process that required the Helix app from Line 6. If you don’t want to purchase and mess with separate IR’s, feel free to use the stock cab version. It sounds almost pretty close. I find the IR’s have a bit more clarity, but tone is subjective – you may even like the stock cab version more.

Signal flow and Amps/Effects

You can set up a Helix in almost any way you can think of, but I like to set it up like a pedalboard – so I have effects mapped to switches. I don’t typically like to set up completely different patches for different parts of a song, although this is certainly an effective way to do things.

Here is the signal flow and effects:

  1. Input: set to guitar
  2. Volume (log curve) – mapped to EXP 1
  3. LA Studio Comp – I leave this on all the time, and it’s set to be very transparent sounding (not mapped to a switch)
  4. Teemah! – Timmy drive – mapped to switch labeled ’Timmy’
  5. Minotaur – very low gain Klon sound – mapped to switch labeled “Klon”
  6. Scream 808 – classic tube screamer sound – mapped to switch labeled ‘808’
  7. Amp – Matchless Ch 1
  8. Adriatic Delay – Quarter note delay – mapped to switch labeled ‘QUARTER DLY’
  9. Vintage Digital Delay – Dotted 8th note delay – mapped to switch labeled ‘DOTTED 8TH DLY’
  10. Dual Pitch – set up like a POG (not used in this song) – not mapped
  11. IR Cabs
  12. Mod/Chorus Echo – Long ambient delay – mapped to switch labeled ‘AMBI SWELLS’
  13. Adriatic Delay – Long ambient delay – mapped to switch labeled ‘AMBI SWELLS’
  14. Octo – Shimmer reverb – mapped to switch labeled ‘AMBI SWELLS’
  15. Particle Verb – Modulated reverb – mapped to switch labeled ‘AMBI SWELLS’
  16. Hall Verb – ambient – mapped to switch labeled ‘Long Verb’
  17. Hall Verb – short – mapped to switch labeled ‘Short Verb’
  18. Looper – mapped to switch labeled ‘LOOPER’


The default usage of this patch is with Snapshots. I have my Helix set up so that there are 4 snapshots across the bottom which gives me access to the delays, ambient swells, and looper on the top row.

The snapshots correspond to the different sections of the song, and are labeled:

  • INTRO/VS – Use this for the entire picking part (which is about half the song)
  • BUILD – use this for the for the build up to the big section of the song
  • BRIDGE/BIG – Big huge overdriven section of the song
  • SOLO – this song doesn’t have a solo section, but I threw one in just in case you wanted to. It just boosts the bridge sound with a Klon.

You can also treat this patch like a typical pedalboard setup – make sure you set your Helix so that all 10 buttons are available to you for stomp boxes.. Just turn on/off the effects that you want. Feel free to stack the drives for a big sound. Make sure to set up your Helix in stomp box mode and set the two left switches to turn effects on/off (not to bank up/down). Otherwise you will not have footswitch access to all the effects.

There are a few special tricks with this patch, though…

‘AMBI SWELLS’ switch. This single knob turns on two long ambient delays and two huge reverbs. Swills with this on are awesome. Throw the POG and drive at it and it gets even better.

Making changes for your guitar and setup

Every guitar and player is different, and you will likely need to make a few changes to suite your gear and playing style.

EQ Changes. Start here – use the EQ controls on the amp to suite your tastes with the base clean tone. From there, adjust the tone knobs of the drive pedals if desired.

Gain structure changes (THIS IS IMPORTANT). Your guitar may respond differently than my guitar to this patch, so adjust the gain structure and EQ on the amp first to suit your guitar. I also like the amp to break up a bit when I strum harder. Adjust the gain setting on the amp without any drive pedals on first to set the level of gain on your ‘clean’ tone. From there, tweak the level of the drives to suit your taste. I’ve set them up to stack well together, but you don’t have to use them that way. Alternatively, you can adjust the output of the LA Studio Comp to give more volume or less to the front end of the amp.


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