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Sunday Vlog #11: In Ear Monitors (continued)

Sunday, November 27, 2016. Newhope Church, Durham Campus.

This weekend we continue our talk about in-ear monitors. In the last Vlog, many of you expressed that you’d like to move to IEM’s in your church, but are encountering resistance. Either by church leadership or by your team. This is a tricky and delicate subject, and we address how to handle it in this video.

What to do when people are not on board with In Ear Monitors

Now – before we even begin to talk about this, it should be noted that every church is different, and IEM’s may not be the best solution for your church. Also – treating people with respect, grace, and kindness is far more important than getting your church to use IEM’s. Please do not make someone feel like they’re doing something wrong if they don’t want to use them – people are always the most important thing.

Craft a compelling vision

If you are in leadership, and you’d like to make the change to IEM’s, this is the most important thing you can do:

Give your team (and leadership in your church) a vision of what worship would be like if you used IEMs (this is what you should do when suggesting any change). Make that vision compelling. Give them reason to believe that you will realize that vision if they get on board. Give them a plan to achieve that vision, and then execute the plan.

Lead well

This is hard. Leadership is hard. If it were easy, everyone would be a great leader. But it’s worth it. You’re going to need to put in the work – first ask your self: Will IEM’s really make a positive impact in the worship in my church? It might not be for you. But if you determine it will, make sure the vision you present is one that you can deliver.

And again – treat people with grace, kindness and respect. We cannot emphasize this enough. Change tears churches apart. People leave over the color of the carpet. Churches split because of drums kits. Don’t do this – that is the enemy at work. Love your people and treat them in a way that lets them know you love them.

Background music in the video by Evert Zeevalkink

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