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Splinters and Stones – Hillsong United

Chord Charts



Artist: Hillsong United
Album: Wonder
album info: Album Key: D (male), 74 bpm, 4/4 time

Chord Diagrams

Strumming Patterns

1   2   3   4   ,...
d  udud  udud du,...

Splinters and Stones – Chord Chart Kit – Hillsong United


Artist: Hillsong United
Album: Wonder
Keys included: A, B, C, D, E, F, and G (album key is D – male)


Chord Chart kits include both Nashville charts and lyric charts in various keys. Your download will be in the form of a .zip file. Extract the file and you will find two folders, ”Lyric Charts and Nashville Charts”.


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Splinters and Stones – Multitrack Lite

$14.99 $9.99


What you get with your purchase of this Worship Tutorials Multitrack Lite:

  1. .ZIP Files for selected keys (see above).
  2. Instrument stems for all the individual instruments used in the recording.
  3. Click and Cue/Guide tracks to keep you and your musicians on track.
  4. Full stereo reference mix file (all the instruments in one stereo file with no click) “Karaoke/Performance Track”
  5. Click/Split files (click/cues panned Left, full mix panned R) “Split Track”

This allows you to use this multitrack in a wide variety of environments.


  • Song Title: Splinters and Stones
  • Original Arrangement: Worship Tutorials Studios – Worship Sessions, Vol 4 (similar to the Hillsong United – Wonder version)
  • Keys: C, D, and E (original album key is D, male)
  • Tempo: 74.5 bpm, 4/4 time
  • Multitrack Produced by: Brian Wahl

Tracks (stems) included:

  • Click
  • Cues
  • Pads
  • Piano
  • Strings
  • Synth
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Electric Guitar (3 tracks)
  • Bass
  • Drums
  • Shakers
  • Cymbal Swells

All files are 320K mp3 files.


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Vocals/Acoustic Guitar: Brian Wahl
Electric Guitar: Bradford
Audio/Video production: Brian Wahl


Brian’s gear:

  • Guitar: Martin CEO-7
  • Vocal mic: Shure SM7b

Bradford’s gear:

  • Guitar: Duesenberg Starplayer TV
  • Amp: Kemper Profiling Amplifier (MBritt Dr Z profile)
  • Pedals used:
    • EWS Modded Arion SCH-Z Chorus
    • Origin Effects Cali 76 (compressor)
    • Chase Bliss Brothers (overdrive)
    • Chase Bliss Gravitas (tremolo)
    • Empress Echo System (Delay)
    • Strymon Timeline (delay)
    • Strymon BigSky (reverb)

Other Gear/Software:

  • Drums: Logic Drummer
  • Bass: Music Man Sterling Sub4 (tracked through a Line 6 Helix)
  • Piano: Native Instruments The Giant
  • Synth & Pads: Omnisphere
  • Audio Interface: Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo
  • Acoustic guitar recording chain: AKG C214 into the Apollo
  • Electric guitar recording chain: Kemper direct out into the Apollo
  • Audio editing software: Apple Logic Pro X
  • Video editing software: Adobe Premiere CC (editing), Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve (color)
  • Video camera: Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6k
  • Lens: Sigma 18-35 f/1.8

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