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Spiritual Direction: Build My Life

In this series, we give examples of how you can set up or talk about specific songs inside of a worship set. We call these small periods of time ‘Spiritual Direction’. Typically it’s a 30 second to 1 minute block of time where a worship leader or pastor can lead the congregation into more passionate and engaged worship.

What we say before, after, and in between songs is extremely important. As worship leaders, we have such little time to speak to our congregations, so everything we say should be well thought out and impactful. Furthermore, when introducing a brand new song, I believe it’s always good to give people a reason to engage in it. Otherwise, it’s just a song they’ve never heard before.

For the song ‘Build My Life’ by Housefires (you may know the Passion version), we used a passage of scripture to introduce this song – 1st Corinthians 3:11. Here’s how we did it (please feel free to steal this, or use it as a guide to write your own spiritual direction)…

How we set up ‘Build My Life’

“Today we’re going to sing a new song called ‘Build My Life’, but before we do, I’d like to read a verse to you. 1st Corinthians 3:11 says this…

For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ

This song is all about the foundation that we build our lives upon, and there is no greater foundation that Jesus Christ. I believe – and we as a church believe – that if we place our faith, hope, and trust in Jesus, if we build our lives upon the foundation of Christ, and if we give ourselves fully to God; He will do things in us and through us both as individuals and as a church that we could never dream or imagine. I believe he will use us to literally change the world, all for the glory and honor of Jesus. So as we sing this song today, let’s declare together that we will build our lives upon the Name of Jesus.

There is a part of this song that says, “I will build my life upon Your love, it is a firm foundation. I will put my trust in You alone, and I will not be shaken”, and it goes like this…”

From here, I sang the bridge alone, allowing the congregation to hear it and begin to learn it. Then I asked them to sing it with me. Once we all sang the bridge together, the band started the song from the beginning.

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