Our AX8 presets are specifically dialed in to nail the tones popular in modern praise and worship music

Latest Presets

Base Presets

Base presets are designed to be used in a wide variety of settings. They give you multiple drive, deley, and reverb options. Settings are laid out intuitively via the foot switches, and each patch includes scenes.

AC30 FREE – Fractal AX8 Preset


Fractal Audio AX8 Preset for modern Praise & Worship based on the Vox AC30. Includes multiple drive, delay, and reverb options as well as scenes designed to get sounds heard commonly in modern worship music. The preset is stock (no 3rd party IR’s required), and includes options for both single coil and humbucker equipped guitars.

Song-Specific Presets

Song presets are designed to mimic the guitar sounds for specific worship songs. Each preset contains a full play-through demo video of the song.

Lion and the Lamb - Bethel Music - Fractal AX8 Preset$4.99 $2.99
Who You Say I Am - Hillsong Worship - Fractal AX8 Preset$4.99 $2.99

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