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Tremble – Mosaic MSC

Chords Charts

Chord charts for this song are available in every key for free from Essential Worship


Artist: Mosaic MSC
Album: Glory & Wonder
album info: Album Key: C (female, high), 4/4 time, 74 bpm

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The album version of this song is in the key of C, which is suited for a female lead vocal, but it’s really high. For a male-led version, we did it in the key of E, using a capo on the 2nd fret with key of D chords. There’s a pretty huge vocal range from the lowest part of the verses to the highest part of the bridge, so make sure you’re comfortable singing both the lower and higher sections.

Chord diagrams – Key of D

Strumming Patterns

1   2   3   4   ,...
d  udud  udud du,...
1   2   3   4   ,...
d d d dudud d du,...

With this song, you’ll want to really focus on dynamics. Play/strum a lot less during the softer sections of the song and pick up the strumming pattern during the bigger sections.

Acoustic song video:

  • Guitar: Martin CEO-7 w/ LR Baggs Anthem pickup (recorded direct)
  • Microphone: Shure SM7b
  • Interface: UAD Apollo 8


  • Audio/recording: Apple Logic Pro X
  • Video: DaVinci Resolve

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  1. Darth Wader May 9, 2018 at 11:13 am #

    Great job! I had never heard this song before so thank you for introducing it to me. Love it!

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